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Volunteer for your local Democrats


April is volunteer month, and the Competitive Commonwealth Fund wanted to take the opportunity to remind people that volunteers are the lifeblood of any community or campaign.

The Democratic Party is not the money party.

It doesn’t have the Kochs or other corporate robber barons supporting our candidates. If our candidates adopt a strategy requiring them to outraise and outspend their opposition to win, they will lose every time.

Democrats win with strong field campaigns. When we involve volunteers from the community, our candidates build a personal relationship that money can’t buy. The few contributions Democrats do get must go toward our field programs—be it paying our field staff, giving our nominees access to NGP VAN, or ensuring we are well stocked with the supplies necessary to reach our voters and persuade voters on the fence.

Retail politics is just as important in our digital age as it was in the previous century and our candidates and campaign staff need to spend their time calling and knocking on the doors of their voters, not just getting attention on Facebook or Twitter.

Field programs are made possible by volunteers and activists like you, so check for your Democratic candidate here and get involved.

If you do have some money but cannot knock doors, help the campaigns pay for people who can. You can and should donate to the candidates via their website portals.

Alternatively you can contribute to the Competitive Commonwealth Fund, which is providing both substantive and financial support to our Democratic nominees.

Click here to pitch in.

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