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Competitive Commonwealth Fund Backs 5 Democrats in First Endorsements

CONTACT: Thomas Bowman - | (571) 265-3693

Right to left: (Top) Al Durante, Larry Barnett, (Bottom) Jamaal Johnson, Djuna Osborne, Brent Finnegan


PAC targets GOP strongholds to jumpstart Democratic campaigns

MERRIFIELD, VA – The Competitive Commonwealth Fund (CCFund), a Virginia PAC dedicated to recruiting and funding Democratic candidates in traditional GOP strongholds, announced its first wave of endorsements of the 2017 cycle, selecting 5 Democrats on Friday. The endorsements are:

  • Jamaal Johnston (HD 60) v. Del. James Edmunds

  • Larry Barnett (HD 27) v. Del. Roxann Robinson

  • Al Durante (HD54) v. Del. Bobby Orrock

  • Brent Finnegan (HD 26) v. Del. Tony Wilt

  • Djuna Osborne (HD 17) v. Del. Chris Head

“These candidates have stepped up to expand the Democratic brand and advocate for working-class Virginians to raise their wages and ensure access to affordable healthcare,” said Competitive Commonwealth Fund Chairman Charlie Jackson. “We’re thrilled to get involved in these 5 races.”

The Competitive Commonwealth Fund intends to announce endorsements on a rolling basis in the coming weeks as the race for Virginia’s House of Delegates takes shape. CCFund mission is to support Democratic campaigns in areas that usually don’t receive enough resources to run effective campaigns.

“Democrats win when Democrats run,” Jackson said. “We’ve already seen during the historically disastrous first 100 days of the Trump administration that reliably Republican seats can have massive swings toward Democrats if we run efficient and effective campaigns.”


The Competitive Commonwealth Fund is a Virginia Political Action Committee founded in October 2016 by Thomas Bowman and Morgan Jameson to recruit and support Democratic candidates for office at all levels and in all regions of Virginia. CCFund is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of veteran Virginia campaign and political professionals. More information about the Competitive Commonwealth Fund is available at

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