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ICYMI: After Trump, groups helping Dems in Virginia House contests (WaPo)

Thomas Bowman and Charlie Jackson address Virginia Beach Democrats

The Washington Post recently featured the Competitive Commonwealth Fund in an article about the organizations helping Democrats running in Virginia. Here are some highlights:

"...Only 12 Republicans aren’t facing a Democratic challenger in November, compared to 44 Republicans who ran unopposed or faced only a third party challenger in 2015, according to the Virginia Public Access Project..."

...Schuyler VanValkenburg, a school teacher running for a Richmond-area seat, said various groups have been helping him attract money, publicity and in boost his digital presence — “kind of everything, really.”

“As a candidate, it’s been awesome,” he said....

...The groups vary in size, funding and specific goals.

The Competitive Commonwealth Fund, for instance, is an in-state political action committee that’s giving relatively small amounts to Democrats running in heavily Republican-leaning districts. Fund spokesman Charlie Jackson said the PAC aims to both help Democrats win control of the state House this year and build a Democratic infrastructure that fields candidates in state and local elections all around Virginia.

“You can’t catch a wave if you don’t run,” Jackson said..."


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