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The Competitive Commonwealth Fund Announces 2021 Endorsements

For Immediate Release:

MERRIFIELD, VA – The Competitive Commonwealth Fund (CCF), a Virginia PAC dedicated to recruiting and funding Democratic candidates in traditional GOP strongholds, announced its endorsements for the 2021 cycle. They selected thirteen Democrats vying to flip seats from red to blue in the Virginia House of Delegates. The endorsements are:

  1. Rhett Deitz, HD14

  2. Emily Scott, HD15

  3. Chance Trevillian, HD16

  4. Dr. Douglas Ward, HD18

  5. Wendy Rowden, HD19

  6. Jennifer Kitchen, HD25

  7. Bill Helsley, HD26

  8. Annette Hyde, HD30

  9. Rachel Levy, HD55

  10. Blakely Lockhart, HD56

  11. Caitlin Coakley, HD65

  12. Dr. Mark Downey, HD96

  13. Dr. Ella Webster, HD98

“CCF understands that when we support Democratic candidates everywhere in Virginia, we will discover and develop progressive talent in unexpected places, and we will help strengthen and fortify the Democratic majority in the House of Delegates,” said Competitive Commonwealth Fund Board Chair, Jess Brown. “It is exciting to have the opportunity to meet and support these talented candidates who are working hard everyday to flip state legislative seats from red to blue in challenging districts in Virginia. CCF acknowledges their hard work and we have their backs throughout this election cycle.”

The Competitive Commonwealth Fund mission is to support Democratic campaigns in areas that usually don’t receive enough resources to run effective campaigns. It is a Virginia Political Action Committee was founded in October 2016 by Thomas Bowman and Morgan Jameson to recruit and support Democratic candidates for office at all levels and in all regions of Virginia.

“Democrats win when Democrats run,” Morgan Jameson said. “As we saw in 2017 and 2019, traditionally Republican seats can flip to Democratic seats if we run efficient and effective campaigns, and voters have a choice on Election Day.”

CCF is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of veteran Virginia union organizers, campaign, and political professionals. More information about the Competitive Commonwealth Fund is available at


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